Return & Exchange Policy


30 Days Exchange Warranty: guarantees to exchange any defective part without installation mark/damage sent back by customer within 30 days upon receipt, as long as the customer adheres to’s return policy. Return of any defective or wrong items must be received back at our warehouse within 30 days from the date of purchase with tracking # via email. In order to receive replacement parts, return items must be in the original condition as received.


All return items are for exchange only. Special return must be authorized by our representative before returning. Please see Special Return Section below for more information.


Limits on Return & Exchanges

Your return item will be disqualified if any of the cases below occurs:


a)       Report after 30 days from the date of purchase.

b)       Did not attach a completed Return Form in the package or failed to provide the tracking # within 30 days.

c)       Items returned with installation/physical damages. We strongly recommend you to do a prior testing on the parts before installation, which will avoid installation damages on the parts. Please see our video guide for installation tips to reduce installation errors.

d)       If the returned parts are actually working properly after we perform tests, we may seize the returned parts and discontinue providing any warranty for your company in future orders. Note: You will automatically give up our warranty offer if you returned the working parts to us continuously.

e)       Did not provide detail problems on the defective items. Please see examples below when you fill out the return form.

Problem examples:

**Do not put down "Defective”, “Doesn't work”, or “No good" as problem detail. Please provide specific and accurate information to help us process your return quicker.


1)       LCD has no backlight; backlight is very dim, too bright, or backlight flicker.

2)       LCD does not power on or shuts off after powered on.

3)       LCD shows a cracked line when phone is powered on (Possible DOA, see Special Return section).

4)       LCD has no display or faded color.

5)       LCD has dead pixels. Please indicate the location.

6)       LCD has a black spot or glue residue. Please indicate the location.

7)       LCD displays wrong color (for example: display white/blue vertical line, pink/blue/rainbow display etc.)

8)       Part has water damage. Please indicate the location.

9)       Touch/Digitizer has glue residue. Please indicate the location.

10)   Touch/Digitizer has minor scratch, bubble, notch, chipped, etc. Please indicate the location.

11)   Touch/Digitizer has no touch function or does not respond at all.

12)   Touch/Digitizer is not functional on certainlocation. Please specify which location: upper left, upper right, middle, lower left or lower right. You may also specifically mention letter “A” or Number 9 does not respond.

13)   Missing component. Please indicate what kind of object and the location. Example: Flex cable missing a Microphone, Speaker, connector etc.

14)   Wrong version/revision of LCD or Touch was sent; please provide the versions or Rev. you need.

15)   Flex cable connector on back of LCD or Touch screen is bent or damaged.

16)   Flex cable is bent, torn or ripped. (Possible DOA, see Special Return section).

17)   Housing parts problem including: scratched, wrong size, missing screw track, lens etc.

18)   Wrong part sent by us: You received the product which does not match what you ordered originally. Please email us a picture of the correct item and the wrong item that you received from us.

19)   Other problem - If none of above applied to your return reason. Please describe the problem details in the return form.


Return Processing Time: 

All returns take 1 to 2 weeks to process. In order to avoid the delay, you must complete this Return Form and must provide correct detail on the return items.  We will have to inspect and test every returned part. However, if you need the replacement item urgently, you can order the same item again through our website. In this case, please indicate on the return form that you want refund/credit instead of exchange because you've already ordered the same part again and also provide the web order # or invoice # of the new order. When we process the return, we will authorize you refund/credit instead of exchange. When returning the item, make sure to pack it securely in a       box.

***Useful tips for LCD or Touch return:  make sure to clean up the return parts and cover with screen protector. This is to help us to process your parts and will have a lower chance to get refused for a new replacement.

Special Return (Dead on Arrival, DOA):


If the shipment box was dent or damaged when you receive it, please check all parts in the box immediately for any physical damages. This is considered as DOA (Dead on Arrival). You need to provide below additional information to us via email within 3 days after you received the package so that we can file claim with the shipment carrier in a timely manner:

1) Pictures of the front and back of the shipment box.

2) Pictures of the front and back of the product that has physical damages.

Note: for such case, it may take 1 to 2 weeks to have the result from the shipping company.


Failure to provide information regarding DOA item within 3 days upon receipt will cause the part to be disqualified for return.

Special Return (Customer ordered wrong parts):


If you have mistakenly ordered wrong items and would like to return it. You must contact us via email to get authorization for this special return.


Special Return (We sent wrong parts out):


If you have received an incorrect item, please take a photo of the wrong item (show the correct item for comparison if possible) and send it to Please include your company name, item name, invoice # or web order # in the message. We will verify the error and proceed with next step. If you don’t hear from us more than 24 hours, please contact our customer support representative by phone.

Return Instruction:


Please email the completed form to  and we will authorize the RMA# within 1 business day. We appreciate your patience.


Please fill out the entire form (strongly recommend to use typing instead of hand writing). Please be sure to provide us the Invoice # or Web Order # for faster processing time. For “Problem Detail”, please be specific. Instead of “defective” or “not working”, please tell us the actual problem. It will help us to test your part and greatly reduce the time you have to wait for the return result. RMA # will not be authorized if this form is incomplete, please help us to help you. After you send out the return package, please provide us the shipment tracking # with the RMA# via email if possible.


1.       Complete the form by typing instead of handwriting, then attach the file and email it back to us.

2.       We will review the completed form and assign RMA #.  You will receive the RMA # within one business day.

3.       Once you received the RMA #, please print out your return form and put it with the return parts in the return box.

4.       Be sure to put your RMA # on the printed form as well as the outside of the return box. Please avoid using hand writing to fill out your return address on the return package.

5.       After you send out the package, please email us the tracking number with RMA # if possible.

Company Name:


Contact Name:









RMA #:


Return Date:


All return items are for exchange only. Credit will be given only for Special Return. Please check Special Return Section above to view the qualification for credit.

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