Apple iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Metal Bracket Cover Replacement Part

SOLD OUT Apple iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Metal Bracket Cover Replacement Part

The replacement iPhone 5 internal metal bracket plate for ear piece speaker is a small but crucial part of Apple’s flagship handset. Without it the phone will not function as intended. Its compact size and simple construction make it affordable.. It is compatible with the iPhone 5 range and is ready to fit right now.

It will ensure that the earpiece speaker remains in its intended position, allowing you to make and receive calls with no interference other than that caused by poor network coverage.

We recommend for professional installation.

Warranty: 6 months


Condition: New


Colour: Silver


Compatibility: iPhone 5


Quality Part: OEM


OEM meaning:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Mobile Phone Replacement parts are products that are produced by the same supplier who provided the original mobile phone parts.

OEM products are usually recommended by the manufacturer for use within the product they are made for and increase the revenue for the brand as a whole.

The cost of an OEM mobile phone replacement part is traditionally higher than that of a Non-OEM product. Such a product carries none of the brand value of an original part, and therefore, it is more likely that the cost will be associated with the actual cost of producing the product rather than due to the expense of marketing the entire brand and the values that the brand supports. We don't obtain directly from the devices manufacturer, nor in some cases are we affiliated with device manufacturer in any way.

Also OEM replacement parts provide a consistent level of quality

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